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Sunshine Coast

Artist Statement

My work is an extension of my inner most thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I use the paper and palette to translate a story that is unfolding inside my body. My story is then verbalized through the images you see and experienced by the emotions you feel.

For me painting and drawing is like a dance, I step back and forth to the image, I pick the colors as the piece develops. The characters and scene come alive in front of me, what I feel I use to create its story. I believe in the strengths of each color, never using black to darken and muddy my colors, instead applying complimentary colors to strength or lighten the intensity.

People often asked me how I know what colors to use, how I create the layering of the Prisma Pencil Crayons and Oil Paints. I honestly cannot answer this, it is not something I was taught or learned in any class. It sounds cliché but somehow, I instinctively know what to do.

Life has not unfolded as I envisioned, due to circumstances that no one is to blame for, nor could have been prevented. Art has always been there to help me cope and translate moments in my history whether it was periods of sadness, pain, joy, happiness, anger, excitement, or resolution.

While we can approach hardship with questions of “why me”, I do not find strength in taking that path. I look to the adversity I have faced, and the sacrifices I have had to make for insights that will allow me to adapt and improve other parts of myself. My hope is my story and work will provide others who cross my path with an image of strength, vulnerability, healing, joy and inspiration.

Artist Statement: Bio
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