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Series: A Year To Let Go

The six pieces in the series was created over a year while reflecting & coping with multiple adversities.

The series starts with the creation of the initial piece and continues on

  1. Lost in Year One

  2. Another Day in Year One

  3. Holding It Together In Year One

  4. Path To Happiness In Year One

  5. Letting Go Of The Dream In Year One

  6. Removing Obstacles In Year One

Series: Text
Series: Selected Work

Series: City Sounds

The five pieces in the series was inspired by the sounds we hear, the people we see and don't see, all while moving around the city. The series starts with 

  1. Sounds Outside The City

  2. Sounds On The Ride

  3. Daily Community Noise

  4. Sounds Inside The City Line

  5. Sounds Across the City

Series: Text
Series: Selected Work
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